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The purpose of AGH Software & Technology, through this portal, is to present detailed information in the area of Information Technology, to provide those interested in getting information related to the topic, either for research, educational purposes, information or simple curiosity, a set of themes that allow you to meet your need. 

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Strategy for a Great Publicity Campaign

Strategy for a Great Publicity Campaign

Fame doesn’t discover you, you create it through Strategic Publicity Campaigning. What’s more, the techniques for increasing your exposure are not as difficult to attain as you might think.

A Great Publicity Campaign starts with courage, then planning, and lastly, it succeeds through persistence. If you’re not sure why you should seek fame, consider fortune because the two go hand in hand.

Fame will bring your business into the forefront of your target audience faster than any advertising campaign can hope to do. It solidifies you as an expert and creates a deep, abiding confidence in the consumer. It makes you a shining star with infinite possibilities. So what are the steps you ask? Well paste a gold star to your forehead and let’s get started.

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Success of an Advertisement lies in Writing a Good Headline

Success of an Advertisement lies in Writing a Good Headline 

There is no denying the fact that the success of an Advertisement lies mostly in the Headline. The Headline should attract the reader and make him read the rest of the advertisement.  

The Headline should be simply catchy and various key points should be embedded when deciding on the headline for the ad.  

The Headline should give out a positive feeling to the reader. Negativity should be totally excluded as it not only creates a negative impression but the mind will also be not receptive friendly. It sometimes confuses the mind and it interprets a negative meaning of the message being delivered. 

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The 3 Rules That Professional Graphic Designers Do Not Want You To Know About

The 3 Rules That Professional Graphic Designers Do Not Want You To Know About

Ever wondered how some graphic designers always manage to produce beautiful looking designs for their brochures, website designs, logo designs? Talent…yes, it helps but there are a handful of more important things you can do that will have even complete beginners producing award winning design.

Forget everything you’ve ever been told about Graphic Design

There are some hard and fast things that graphic designers will insist are to be obeyed. Only use limited fonts on a design for example or never use green on a magazine or book cover as people will not buy it. Stuff and nonsense. You can pretty much do whatever you like but you must apply these STRICT GRAPHIC DESIGN RULES and you will soon be walking away with graphic design silverware.

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Tips to Keep in Mind to Design Professional Quality Brochures

Tips to Keep in Mind to Design Professional Quality Brochures 

The purpose of your Brochure may differ from business to business. Some are designed to display services, whereas others are focused on selling an idea.

A successful business strategy is often defined by a good advertising and marketing plan. Look around. Any venture that lacks the proper come-on to customers is almost always doomed to fail. 

Many marketing companies would be more than happy to assist in creating a brochure design that is professional and have a lovely look to them. However before going to one of these companies or even considering them one must consider what it is the brochure design is supposed to accomplish. 

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Trade Show Promotions

Trade Show Promotions

Along with conventional advertising and below the line activities, organizations and corporate bodies have come to realize that they need to invest in trade shows in order to create maximum recall for their product or brand name. There are several benefits to participating in a trade show.

Some of them are:

A trade show offers the manufacturer a direct platform to interact with the very people who will be making purchasing decisions. Most purchasing managers of corporations make it a point to attend trade shows relevant to their needs in order to evaluate a wide range of products and services, all under one roof. If offers them variety, at a fraction of the time regular meetings with sales personnel form all those companies ever could. If this is the reason why they visit trade shows, isn’t it obvious that your product or service needs to be showcased in the trade show as well?

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Multimedia refers to content that uses a combination of different content forms, that includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.

This contrasts with media that use only rudimentary computer displays such as text-only or traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material.

Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed, or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance. Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to store and experience multimedia content.

Multimedia is distinguished from mixed media in fine art; by including audio, for example, it has a broader scope. The term "rich media" is synonymous for interactive multimedia. Hypermedia can be considered one particular multimedia application.

Multimedia may be broadly divided into Linear and Non-linear Categories

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Multimedia Advertising

Multimedia Advertising

Multimedia Advertising is the process of using Animation and Graphic Design to market and sell a Product or Service. Multimedia Specializes in Web Site Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, and Designs Web Sites that are both “user” friendly and “search engine” friendly. free advertising and web site promotion with traffic marketing and online advertising.

A variety of programs are available to fit your marketing needs including: advertising, promotional options, content integration, permission-based e-mail marketing and market research/polling services. An experienced support network for insider information on advertising, promotion and marketing.

Advertising is sometimes seen by the audience as annoying. We strongly believe that is possible to advertise and entertain at the same time by delivering non-intrusive advertising and providing well presented, entertaining content to the public. 

Digital Signage brings the opportunity to deliver information and advertising in a dynamic multimedia format. It’s eye-catching and engaging and offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs.

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Multimedia Messaging Service MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service MMS, is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones. It extends the core Short Message Service SMS capability that allowed exchange of text messages only up to 160 characters in length.

The most popular use is to send photographs from camera-equipped handsets, although it is also popular as a method of delivering news and entertainment content including videos, pictures, text pages and ringtones.

The standard is developed by the Open Mobile Alliance OMA, although during development it was part of the 3GPP and WAP groups.

Multimedia Messaging Services MMS were first developed as a captive technology that would enable service providers to "collect a fee every time anyone snaps a photo."

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