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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization  SEO Tools

Most successful SEO strategies do require tedious tasks which include content creation, link search, analysis and link acquisition. There are hundreds of tools available on the web created just to make SEO a little easier. All you need to know is where to look.

SEO Tools are designed to do one or more of several things, including checking for website malfunctions (broken links, bad code, ect.), analyzing content, tracking backlinks, monitoring rank, and conducting keyword research. There are also tools that give to overall insight on a single page or website, useful for keeping up with your competitors. If you’re serious about SEO, having the right tools at your disposal is priceless.

If you want to make the best use of SEO tools, you need to know what your options are, and which tools are best at which tasks. 

There are SEO tools that can help make our daily tasks much easier. Following we list some of the most powerfull SEO Tools, in the market:

Google’s SEO Tools

If you want the best free SEO tools, Google is the place to go. Between their keyword tools, webmaster tools, analytics program, and insights finder, Google has the basics covered. These tools give you almost anything you need to measure how effective your site’s SEO is and what keywords you should be targeting. 

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

These two web-based tools are extremely essential to any site, for it allows you to monitor and track results from your SEO efforts and to diagnose setbacks from your site’s end to further improve your site’s SEO campaign and overall performance.

Google Analytics is a tool that can track your site’s traffic sources, numbers of daily/monthly traffic and activity once visitors have landed on your site. It’s extremely helpful in monitoring site usage as well as in improving your site’s conversions. Google Analytics LogoAnalyzing your current traffic will get you more ideas on how to manipulate them in going to the direction where you want them to be, since the data presented through the various segments of the tool (bounce rates, average time on site, traffic sources, pages and keywords that bring you traffic, etc…) allows you to see where changes or improvements should take place.

Google Webmaster Tools is metrics dashboard that provides an in-depth view of your site’s backend. It mainly shGoogle Webmaster Tools Logoows activities and interactions of the site around the web as seen by Google’s search crawlers. Some of the main features of this tool are as follows:

Allows you to track search queries pertaining to your site’s pages, which includes each query’s average position on SERPs, number of impressions and click through Google’s result pages.

List of domains linking to your site, including the number of links from each site as well as a list of anchor texts used on external links pointing to your site – as fetched by Google’s crawlers.

Keywords significant to your site’s pages.

Number of internal links.

Detects crawl errors for easier diagnostics, crawl stats of the site and provides HTML suggestions in case search crawlers find it difficult to skim through your site.

Allows you to submit your sitemap, RSS feed and generate Robots.txt for better crawl activity.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Apparently, Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the most precise keyword research tool when it comes to trending search terms and in analyzing the competitiveness of the keyword, seeing as the basis of its results are driven from Google’s worldwide search engine activity. There’s nothing much to say about it, knowing that it’s still the undisputed father of all keyword research tool.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an email service from Google that allows you to monitor fresh pages around the web related to search terms or keywords you want to keep track of. Essentially, you can use this tool to track new pages related to your targeted keywords, to observe methods used by your competitors, monitor mentions of your brand (to get more valuable links through email requests) and to gain more ideas for content creation. 

SEOMOZ RankTracker

RankTracker is a web-based tool from It has both free and Pro version, but what I really liked about this tool is that it keeps records of your previous results (positions/rankings), which allows you to track changes on your keywords’ positions weekly.

As what most successful people say – “the best things in life are free” – well, that catchphrase also applies to SEO. Because sometimes, skills aren’t enough to slaughter a dragon, perchance, an aid from a sword can. 

Advanced Web Ranking

is an excellent software for SEO created by Caphyon Ltd. Caphyon is headquartered in Romania, neighboring Ukranian-based and our top-ranked Web CEO. This begs the question, what is it about Eastern Europe and excellent SEO?

Standout Features

  • Some of the Best Link Building & Management elements
  • Competitor Analysis Including Number of Keyword Results and Number of Keyword Competitors
  • Keyword Research & Analysis Integrates Top Analysis Resources
  • Performance Reporting Including Automated Reporting

Advanced Web Ranking provides visibility into not just who links to your site, but the keywords they use. They also provide competitive intelligence on where your competitors’ links come from. This can be analyzed through Advanced Web Ranking’s graphic reports.

Another valuable feature is tracking your paid links. If you engage in link building campaigns that consist of paying sites to link to you, you need to monitor these to make sure you get what you pay for. Doing this manually is time-consuming and tedious. 

SEO Studio

Is a product of Trendmetrix Software, based in Canada. Since their founding in 2001, they’ve focused on SEO for small and mid-sized businesses. An online marketing services company, Trendmetrix provides a range of SEO consulting services for clients. (For their SEO services, they guarantee top 10 natural search engine ranking on Google and boast a 95% success rate.)

As an SEO firm, they have a ready base of customers for SEO Studio. Users include University of California, Health Canada, Chevron and GE Money. These are far above the standard caliber of clients for most SEO products reviewed. 

Standout Features

•Link Building & Management

•Competitor Analysis

•Submission Tools

•Help & Support 

SEO Suite

Is marketed by Apex Pacific, formally Dynamic Software. The company is privately held in Sydney, Australia. One of two Australian companies to make the top 10, Apex Pacific sells a variety of internet marketing software. SEO Suite is first and foremost.

While SEO Suite doesn’t have the market footprint of Web CEO or iBusiness Promoter, this SEO software provides a robust feature listing. The customers listed in testimonials and case studies are far from household names, but the product is catching on. It has been downloaded over 2,700 times from CNET.

Standout Features

•Strong Competitor Analysis components

•Submission Tools

•Performance Reporting 

SEO Administrator

Is marketed by FlamingoSoft of Vancouver, British Columbia. But with no corporate information on the SEO Administrator website and little on FlamingoSoft in the public domain, it’s difficult for a buyer to get a feel for the company behind this SEO software.

This product is the least expensive of all SEO tools we reviewed, at only $99 for their highest level Expert version. When you balance cost and functionality, SEO Administrator may be a good fit for you.

Standout Features

•Least Expensive in Our Lineup

•Competitor Analysis

•Keyword Research & Analysis

•Performance Reporting

•Link Building & Management 

SEO Toolkit

Is a product of the Australian company, Trellian Software. Since 1997, internet marketing has been Trellian’s core business, with SubmitWolf and SEO Toolkit their flagship products.

Trellian has received PromotionWorld's prestigious Top10 SEO Company Award, ZD Net’s Editors Pick award, and many other distinctions from shareware sites and the user community. Our review will examine the components of this search engine optimization software compared with other applications.

Standout Features

•Competitor Analysis

•Customized Ranking Reports

•Submission Tools

•Report Export 

Traffic Travis

Is a powerful standalone software designed for both beginners and advanced internet marketers and SEO practitioners. It offers tons of features that allow users to obtain significant data and statistics related to your market, site as well as your competitors’. The free SEO software’ features include:

Keyword Research – which allows you to find lucrative search phrases you can add to your campaign. They use a different system in tracking data for approximate search counts, which can give you different perspectives in targeting and specifying keywords that will suit your campaign.

Search Engine Tools – provide users data such as search rankings and positions, top sites for keywords and backlinks directing to a certain site.

PPC Analysis – gives you relevant details about the keywords you are targeting, popular keywords in your niche and list of keywords that your competitors are aiming at.

Page Analysis – simply allows you to analyze a website

SEO Analysis – this my favorite feature of the tool for it imparts all the necessary details you’ll want to know about your targeted keywords, including vital information from your competitors as well as the difficulty and the number of competing pages for the keyword.

Open Site ExplorerOpen Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a web-based tool that was developed by This tool lets you analyze the authority and link popularity of pages or links linking to your competitors’ or your site. If you also get the Pro version of this tool, you can get to see the anchor texts used on each pages linking to your competitors and if they are followed or not.

Though with the free version, you can get a lot, such as the anchor text distribution of the page and the full link metrics of the page, where it shows the approximate percentage of nofollow and dofollow links pointing to the page and the comparison of amount of external vs. internal links. The best thing about this feature is that you get to have an idea where the site is lacking or robust, which is a good signal in outranking your competitors or in improving your link profile.

I use this tool to observe how my competitors are shaping their link landscape and in determining the methods that I can or must use to replicate their links or in prevailing over their campaign. It’s actually best used in reverse engineering your competitors’ links.

This site has a paid option, but the free version of SEMRush is fully functional and allows up to 10 queries a day, which is just enough for small-use SEOs. Just type in the domain you want to analyze, and SEMRush will give you a listing of organic keywords, potential competitors, ad suggestions, and more.

Microsoft’s SEO Toolkit

Microsoft’s SEO Toolkit is Bing’s answer to all of the free Google SEO tools. Although this tool offers several benefits, it really excels in measuring how fast your website is. Speed is important, and this easily downloaded tool provides an excellent resource for making sure that your site is performing the way it should. This tool also analyzes websites based on Bing’s search engine algorithm, useful when you want your onsite SEO to go beyond just what Google is looking for.

SEO Doctor

If you need a quick overview of your site’s overall SEO set-up, SEO Doctor might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a Firefox extension that analyzes a website and shows you exactly where improvements need to be made, based on current algorithm requirements.Browseo

Search engines are simple. They don’t see websites the same way we do. To make the most of your SEO, you need to make sure that search engines are seeing all of the important elements of your site. Browseo helps with that. Just enter in the URL that you want to check, and Browseo creates a search engine version, showing you exactly what Google does (and does not) see.

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