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Web Marketing Services

Web Marketing Services

At AGH Software and Technology we place the missing piece for your company to be successful on the Internet ...

Take advantage of your Website and turn it into a real sales tool. 99 % of businesses on the Internet do not achieve their goals. That is why it is important to create an adequate strategy that complies with the main rules of penetration in the Internet market, such as providing a Product or Adequate Service, Having an Effective Website and Attracting Traffic to your Website.

In Internet Marketing, better known as E-Marketing or Web Marketing, is where you can count on our extensive experience when creating the corporate identity of your company, or taking care of it, when advertising your website. At AGH Software and Technology, we provide advice and professional support in E-Marketing and Digital Communication, Electronic Commerce, Positioning Services in Search Engines SEO and Internet Businesses.

95% of the visits that are received online, come from search engines, mainly from Google, that's why your website needs a successful extrategia in the process of web positioning, allowing your potential customers to find your website easily.

For this, we offer our services in Web Positioning or Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO for its acronym in English (Search Engine Optimizer) Search Engine Optimizer, which ensures that your website appears among the first results of the list that generates a search engine, when a user enters specific keywords in the search engine.

Being among the first places of the results that show the most important search engines, the number and quality of visits to your website will increase considerably, making this service one of the most important when publishing a website . A good Web Positioning is achieved with different actions that are taken within the programming of your website and outside it. Aware of the importance of this service for the success of our clients' websites, each project we execute is designed with an efficient positioning-oriented content, we optimize it so that it can appear, or improve its positioning in search engines, in a way clear, legal, and effective. The optimization of the website is to make the website "like" the search engines and for that process to be 99.9% effective. To perform this procedure, we rely on the concepts and parameters of Google, since more than 85% of users use it.

At AGH Software and Technology, we provide advice and professional support in E-Marketing and Digital Communication, Electronic Commerce, Positioning Services in Search Engines SEO and Internet Businesses., we offer you the services of Digital Market Research. Analysis of your internet competition. Creation of your Internet Marketing Campaign. Design of your website optimized with SEO techniques. Collection of clients and / or Prospects through customized forms. Analysis of results and CRM acronyms of the term in English "Customer Relationship Management, integrated to its Web page, which consists of a business strategy based mainly on the satisfaction of the clients, and on the computer systems that support it. The relationship with customers is part of a business strategy focused primarily on the collection of as much information as possible about customers, in order to give value to the offer. The company must work to know their needs and thus to be able to advance an offer and improve the quality of attention When we talk about improving the offer we refer to being able to offer solutions to clients that are perfectly suited to their needs.

We also offer advice on advertising in search engines (SEM) a commercial service offered by search engines. Instead of being found in organic search results, you can pay to be found in commercial search results. These results are displayed on the top or right side of the organic search results. Prices depend on the popularity of a certain keyword, and how often it is searched on the web. One of the most used SEM is Google Adwords, a service, for which you pay per click and not per impression, Every time your website is displayed, that is to say for each real visit to your website.

One of the most effective resources when it comes to advertising on the Internet is email, which is a direct channel of communication with the customer, through which it is possible to take better control of your target, in addition to having the possibility of know the result of the advertising campaign, in AGH Softech we advise you


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