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Web Design Projects and Development

Web Design Projects and Development

Web Design consists of the planning, creation and implementation of pages, portals and websites. It is not simply a conventional design application on the Internet since it is necessary to take into account concepts such as; navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture and interaction with media such as audio, texts, images and videos, among others.

The union of a good design with a good structure of hierarchical navigation and well elaborated contents, are fundamental for the success of the design, increasing the efficiency of the web as a channel of communication and exchange of data, between the bidder and the user.

To carry out a quality web design that is successful, we consider three stages in the development of the project:

• The first deals with the visual design of the information that you want to edit. In this stage the elements that are going to integrate the website are distributed, such as; text, images, graphics, links to other documents or other multimedia objects that are considered relevant. In this stage we meet with the client to define their needs and outline the project.

• Once you have this sketch, you will develop the website, using different design elements, such as:

  • Images and Animations
  • Digital photography
  • Interactive Forms
  • Design and Exchange of Advertising Banners
  • Shopping carts
  • Discussion forums, chat room. (online pages)
  • Optimized Web Design
  • Multimedia Web Design
  • Graphic design
  • Content Management System CMS
  • Animation effects in Flash, Java, Javascript, etc.
  • Audio and Video Files
  • Photo Galleries
  • Surveys
  • Calendar of events- Guestbook
  • And a whole range of possibilities that the Internet offers us.

• The third stage deals with search engine positioning or SEO. This consists in optimizing the structure of the content to improve the position in which the page appears in a certain search.

Among the benefits of having a website on the Internet, we can name: Promote communication with your consumers and suppliers of products and services, increasing the possibility of finding new customers and suppliers.

It will work for you and your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will expand your market to a national or international level. It will generate a good image of your business before your clients.

It will save you time and money compared to other forms of advertising, since for a low cost you can take advantage of the Internet to increase your sales, expand your market and get more growth without expensive advertising and / or publications in newspapers, magazines and billboards.

Re-Design of Web Pages, we also offer professional solutions in the re-design of your website. Our team of web designers and developers will identify the functionality of your current website, identify your needs and goals, and offer you the best solution to improve the functionality of your website, maximize the impact of your brand and take it to the next level "I preserved the previous investments and operations.

An effective tool when designing a website is the Content Manager, which can be defined as a system that allows editing or manipulating the content of a Web page, they are also known as CMS (Content Management System), for their acronym in English.

One of the biggest advantages of using a good content manager is that the user does not need to know any programming language, that is, it is a tool that is available to the average Internet user.

It consists of an interface that controls one or more databases where the content of the website is hosted, which allows creating a support structure (framework) for the creation, administration, edition, management, search and edition of various formats and types of media. Digital and electronic text or multimedia. Generating dynamic pages interacting with the server, which allows you to control the publication of your pages immediately.

Among the advantages of using a Content Manager, we can name:

• Enter 24hs. with username and password.
• Simple to use.
• Update content of existing pages, images and text.
• Products with pictures and videos without limit.
• Classification of products into categories and create them without limit.
• Management of Forms of Payment. Paypal, Credit Cards.
• Custom design using your colors and institutional image.
• Publication of products and services with images, videos and reference material.
• Statistics of visits and traffic on your site.

Our Web Design and Development Offers Include

Basic Web Design

Ideal for personal page or small and medium-sized companies that want to show their services or products on the Internet sensilla

It includes:

  • Home page (Home Page)
  • Up to 6 interior pages (who we are, products or services, contact, information, etc.)
  • Contact Form
  • Metatags for Search Engines


Professional Web Design

For companies or organizations that want to have an internet presence at a professional level

It includes:

  • Home page (Home Page)
  • Up to 12 interior pages (who we are, contact, information, etc.)
  • Dynamic pages developed in PHP
  • Catalog of products or services
  • Image gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Quotation form


Corporate Portal Design

For companies or organizations that want to offer their products and / or services through a Portal with Content Manager

It includes:

  • Home page (Home Page)
  • Up to 18 interior pages (who we are, contact, information, etc.)
  • Animations in Flash, Animated Gifs or Java Content Management Scripts, where you can manage all your desired products (categories, description, prices, additional features, images, videos, etc.) at your discretion.
  • Database
  • Catalog of Products or Services
  • Image gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Quotation form
  • Metatags for Search Engines


Electronic Commerce Solutions

Sites for online product sales, classified ads, user registration and order tracking. For online stores and companies that wish to sell products online

It includes:

  • Home page (Home Page)
  • Products with pictures without limit
  • Classification of products into categories and creation thereof without limit
  • User registration system: organization and classification of its users
  • sending email to all or some of them
  • create private sections for registered users
  • make price discounts
  • Your users can order online
  • You can have advertising banners managed by you
  • Search system so your users can find the products they want quickly
  • SSL certificate, for online payments with credit or debit cards

Budgets depending on the complexity of the Project

For Development of Content Management System, Electronic Commerce Solutions and Special Developments please send specifications of your project.


Contact: info@aghsoftech.com

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