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Software Development

Design is a phase of software life cycle. It is based on the requirements specification produced by the analysis of the requirements (analysis phase), the design defines how these requirements will be met, the structure that must be given to the software system to become a reality. The design remains a separate phase of programming or coding, the latter corresponds to the translation in a given programming language of the premises adopted in the design.

We are a dynamic and innovative team whose main objective is to provide state-of-the-art technological solutions, which allows us to offer quality, personalized and effective services using the most advanced technology in the Design and Programming of Software.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users.

AGH Software and Technology, we provide advice and professional support in Positioning Services in Search Engines SEO and Internet Businesses.

We also offer advice on advertising in search engines (SEM) a commercial service offered by search engines. Instead of being found in organic search results, you can pay to be found in commercial search results.

Web Marketing Services

At AGH Software and Technology we place the missing piece for your company to be successful on the Internet ...

We offer you the services of Digital Market Research. Analysis of your internet competition. Creation of your Internet Marketing Campaign. Design of your website optimized with SEO techniques. Collection of clients and / or Prospects through customized forms. Analysis of results and CRM acronyms of the term in English "Customer Relationship Management, integrated to its Web page, which consists of a business strategy based mainly on the satisfaction of the clients, and on the computer systems that support it.

Graphic Design

At AGH Software & Technology we carry out the conception, programming and projection of your corporate image in the areas of Graphic Design, Advertising, Corporate Identity Design, Web Design, Packaging Design, Typographic Design, Editorial Design and Multimedia Design.

Development of WEB Content

Every new web page needs what are called "initial contents"; that is, the texts that will be part of the fixed sections, that describe the company, its activities, its products and services, its competitive advantages, etc.

The development of content for web and blogs includes a simple and direct style, must be able to communicate in a few words the essential messages that your company wants to transmit. The information structure and poor content development translate into lost opportunities for sales and advertising.

Developing specific contents destined to each one of the clients to whom they are directed guarantee a satisfactory experience for the visitors of the site.

The content for your website is as or more important than the design. Poor quality content, written poorly, confusingly or with errors, can irremediably damage the image that your organization seeks to project through the Internet. An essay based on the schemes established in the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Search Engine Optimizer, not only makes your "message" good to be read, but also appropriate for the fundamental rules of the search engines. Our web content and writing models will drive potential customers to your website and increase your field of sale.

Web Design Projects and Development

Web Design consists of the planning, creation and implementation of pages, portals and websites. It is not simply a conventional design application on the Internet since it is necessary to take into account concepts such as; navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture and interaction with media such as audio, texts, images and videos, among others.

WEB Pages Translation

We have a staff that mixes extensive knowledge of website development with the ability to master several languages ​​verbally and grammatically, such as English and Italian. We guarantee a high quality service in the translation to these languages ​​of personal, corporate, business and corporate web pages.

WEB Pages Maintenance

We offer web maintenance services that include temporary updates (weekly, monthly, etc.), full-time and indefinite updates. We keep your web page updated according to your needs, changing or adding texts and images, correcting errors in programming, repairing corrupt files, updating photo galleries and billboards placing advertising. We keep your products up to date in terms of prices and description with updated information, we manage your "shopping carts"

Technical Support, configuration and maintenance of Computer Equipment and Networks

Many of the problems that arise in computer systems can be avoided or prevented if periodic maintenance of each of its components is performed. The new technological advances, the consumption, the generation of new information technologies, the generation of new components, new processors, make necessary the constant maintenance and updating of their computer equipment and telematic networks.

Today technology, computing and computing are present in more than 90% in the world, there is no company in Venezuela no matter how small, that is not equipped with a personal computer, it is a world where the need becomes in obligation.

That is why your company must be well equipped and maintained, but even more so with the telecommunications revolution that is present every day with greater force.

We offer our technical support services, configuration and preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipment, both in the form of fixed, monthly or annual maintenance contracts, as well as On Call services, when your team requires it.


Contact: info@aghsoftech.com

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